The Wouter De Bruycker Fine Arts & Gallery has been a part of the Belgian and international art scenes for over 20 years. Wouter De Bruycker established his first gallery in Ghent, Belgium, in 2002.

Wouter comes from an artistic family. He is the grandson of the artist Antoon Jules Van Hoecke (°1899 -†1991) and the brother of the painter Dirk De Bruycker (°1955 –†2015).

He has a diverse professional background, with 50 years expertise in the maritime sector, more than 30 years on the art survey and loss adjusting field and 20 years as a gallerist.

Wouter De Bruycker’s Ghent gallery hosted over 100 exhibitions and related cultural events with a number of well-known Belgian artists between 2002 and 2014.

After 12 years of involvement in the Ghent art scene, Wouter and the gallery relocated to Antwerp in 2014, to a much more internationally opened art scene, with the primary goal of supporting artistic careers and providing collectors with a much broader range of Belgian and internationally known artworks.

The artistic circle of the Wouter De Bruycker Fine Arts & Gallery has expanded over the years, and a new era begins in 2021, when the new gallery opens in Antwerp’s historical city centre, a corner away from the Grote Markt.

The new gallery building is located at the Lange Koepoortstraat 60, in a five-story building, built on a 16th century foundation and restored to a beautiful Art Déco estate in 1930, anchored in Antwerp’s artistic area.

In August 2021, as part of the expansion, the Wouter De Bruycker Fine Arts & Gallery opened its second gallery in Brussels, on the Rue Jean d’Ardenne (straat) 62, next to the Louizalaan.

As the concept and gallery structure grew, the previous gallery spaces on the Wolstraat 24 & 26 Antwerp, were turned into two smaller exhibition spaces, which are providing the opportunity to support emerging artists to take the next step in the art world.

The year 2022 was a year of opportunities for the gallery, as it expanded with a new exhibition space on the Lange Koepoortstraat 64, which is a 450 sqm gallery space, where the Wouter De Bruycker Fine Arts & Gallery – ‘The Annex’ aims to organize and exhibit the semi-oeuvre of selected artists while paying tribute to their life and work. In order to achieve this goal, we launched the new gallery with an exhibition of André Naessens (°1949- †2003).

Proud to be part of their journey

The Antwerp Academy’s art students

With the aim of supporting the work of the Antwerp Academy’s art students, in 2022 the Wouter De Bruycker Fine Arts & Gallery hosted the Antwerp Academy Master Jewellery Student Final Exhibition (Get in Touch) in the Wolstraat 26 exhibition space. Furthermore, the gallery sponsored the Bachelor Painting Students’ final exhibition in 2022. And we are looking forward to seeing more from the evolving careers of the students.