Addi Ryckaert graduated at the I.K.A. (Institute of Art and Crafts) in Mechelen, Belgium,  as a student of Mrs. Miloslava Svobodova (CZ).

Since his childhood, Ryckaert has been drawn to various forms of ART, particularly drawing. Later, a local glass art exhibition captivated his interest in this artistic medium.

The existence of human society and civilization in glass inspired him to work with this material.

Working with glass is a strenuous task that requires physical strength to achieve the form of ideas.

After experimenting with different techniques of this medium, such as stained glass  and pate de verre, he eventually settled on the  GLASS CASTING technique.

Ryckaert is experimenting with basic shapes such as squares and rectangular blocks.

He adds architectural or natural elements to these basic forms to confirm human influence on nature and the world we live in.

His works frequently have a milky appearance.

Furthermore, the colours can express feelings and actual moods based on his interpretation. (For a long time, he preferred the colours green and brown.)

Nonetheless, the material he uses (glass, verre, or crystal) makes no difference in the objects; only the idea and the finished object are measured as a whole artwork.

Exhibition data and photos ©copyright Addi Ryckaert