Bern Wery (Brussels, 1956-) studied at the Art Academies of Bussels, Watermael-Boitsfort, Etterbeek, and the Kunstskolen de Holbaek (Denmark). He is currently teaching at the Braine-l’Alleud and Woluwe-Saint-Pierre Art School.

Wery began painting after a long period of drawing that exercised both his hand and mind. Nonetheless, he leaves traces of the elements inked in his painted landscapes. Worlds, shapes, visual or further memories, sacred text readings… become landscapes and biblical scenes.

His painting evokes rather than describes, says more than it shows, and tells about the human archetype. His works’ lyricism and poetry invite us to “enter” and discover ourselves. 

Bern Wery’s poetic strength leaves no one indifferent; many exhibitions and retrospectives have already been dedicated to him in Belgium and abroad since 1980. (France, Greece, Great Britain, Spain, Canada, etc.).

His artworks are also represented in the Collections of the Belgian State, at the Foundation for Contemporary Belgian Art, at the Center for Engraving and Printed Image of La Louvière, at the Museum of Fine Arts in Tournai, at the Museum of Walloon Art, at the Museum of Arts in Silesia (Poland), at the Museum of Modern Art in Odessa and at the National Museum of Liviv (Ukraine), at the Museum of Modern Art in Bolzano (Italy), at the Museum of Modern Art in Rijcka ( Croatia), the Osthaus Museum in Hagen (Germany), the Herning Kunstmuseum (Denmark), the Museum of Contemporary Art Narvaez (Venezuela) and the Museum of Modern Art in Porto (Brazil).

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