“The truth is tied to a force beyond my means. What remains is to create, create and live.”
-Dawid Wojtalewicz

Dawid Wojtalewicz (1989- , Gostynin (Poland))  graduated in 2017 with magna cum laude from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp (Master degree in Fine Arts), furthermore he studied in S.A.S.K. Turnhout, 2016 and in Athens School of the Arts (Greece) in 2016-2017 . He also had his internship in orthodox iconography on the Athos Peninsula

Dawid won the Hugo Roelandt Prize and exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp (M HKA ) in 2018.

He is looking for a human trail, for the complexity of nature and insight into matter.

Dawid creates contemporary paintings with respect to tradition, murals and frescoes, especially on religious and historical topics. He builds his work based on geometry, colour system and symbolic language. At the same time, he is faithful to basic philosophical values. His works are based on three pillars: technical skill, intellectual value and reason.

He is co-creating artistic groups for example: Pink TV  Only Good News, Polish Art Benelux, Time New Roman and 4Fold.

He is also a performance artist .

Based on Dawid’s unique view “space is not an autonomous container in which things simply exist. Instead, space is to be an inherent feature of interconnected objects”.

The ability of space “to the world” is not limited to human experience. Objects like “world.” To shed light on the relationship between being and space. To challenge the historically constructed and socially embedded understanding of space. To look for answers to the question of where are people, not what makes us human. To create a new attitude for viewers / performers to space itself? “


Exhibition data and photos ©copyright Dawid Wojtalewicz