“De existentie is het terugblikken op oerelementen, de oorsprong en de evolutie van het leven, over Urania naar Nirvana.”

Hubert Carpentier (1949- ) studied lead glass at the Academy in Berchem, led by Jos Michiels.

Later, between 1990 and1998, he continued his studies with hot and cold glass on the I.K.A. in Mechelen, led by Miloslava Svobodova and Koen Vanderstukken.

Furthermore, Carpentier was a professional restorer of stained-glass windows for many well-known cathedrals, churches, and museums in Belgium.

During this period he found the motivation to broaden his knowledge of other techniques.

Therefore, years of experimenting resulted in a unique, personal style inspired by the origin and evolution of life from Urania to Nirvana. His work is known for its precise delicate craftsmanship, intriguing shapes, and fantastic luminosity.

His techniques:

Blown, sculpted, cast glass and sandblasted glass

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