Jan Dheedene (°1979) studied fine arts and painting at Sint – Lucas Gent School of Arts and currently teaches at the Kortrijk Academy. He is primarily a painter who became a sculptor in recent years.

 Jan Dheedene meticulously searches for the fragility of things in his artworks.

 Nature is a great source of inspiration for Jan Dheedene. He is living in a particularly green environment that he allows himself to contribute through permaculture.

In a certain sense we can also find that way of gardening in his artworks. Sometimes we also can notice on his painting the way he lets the paint do its job or how he pays attention to the unexpected.

Looking at our urban environment while everything around us is accelerating, Jan Dheedene’s work seems to do exactly the opposite. The fragility and unpredictability he finds in natural processes are also present in his paintings, furthermore, are equally qualities that he values ​​in the work of others.

 “My paintings are an emotional translation of my curiosity for nature. I chop wood, grow vegetables and take care of animals. It is an intensive experience that touches all the senses, a kind of translation of my unconscious feelings in paintings. I like to give time to things, let them develop. For example, most of my works were made in more than two years and consist of a large number of layers of paint, glue, wood, ash, liquids, earth, rope,… These are the ingredients for my quest for beauty and consolation.”

 Jan Dheedene’s artworks represent a deep meaning with unpredictability, stratification and vulnerability.


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