Structured Rhythms

Lotte Westphael graduated from the School of Crafts in Kolding 1988-1993, Denmark. Later she continued her studies in Japan with further pottery workshops. Westphael made his debut at Charlottenborg’s Spring Exhibition in 2016, and the same year received the Artisan Award of 1879’s Hetsch Medal. 

Since then, she has exhibited around Europe and the USA, including the American Museum of Ceramic Arts, USA, The Danish Cultural Institute in Skt. Petersburg, Russia, the Kagoshima Museum, Japan, the Hjorths Museum, Denmark, the Albrechtsburg Meissen, Germany, the Magnelli Vallauris Museum, France and the Sofienholm, Denmark. 

Furthermore, in the Galerie Maria Wettergren, Paris and the PAD London, England. 

Lotte Westphael’s studio is based in Silkeborg, Denmark.

Her delicate porcelain sculptures based on a personal immersion in a technique unfolded within a graphic universe. Westphael is inspired by woven Bauhaus fabrics, and she works with proportionality in lines and colorfields, citing Anni Albers and Josef Albers as inspiration, as well as her Nordic heritage. Westphael has developed her own personal technique over the past few years whereby she builds patterns in narrow strips of porcelain, which are finely assembled into cylindrical jars. The outside surface of the vessel is mirrored on the inside, creating a visual relationship. She uses repetitions of lines with different distances, Ws and thicknesses to create intricated patterns. Her vessels are translucent and fragile, and at the same time, have a strong, geometrical expression.

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