Yves Malfliet (born 1962 in Hamme, lives and works in Dendermonde) creates monumental installations, ready-mades, ceramic sculptures, as well as performances and happenings. His (ceramic) works are characterized by an unbridled imaginative combination of baroque and kitschy elements, which just as easily come from his own fingers as they come from the thrift shop.

His works are like contemporary fairy tales, balancing between naivety, sacredness and mysticism, where the idea transcends craftsmanship, but also the pleasure in making the works shines through. 

My work is intriguing,unexpected and anecdotic . The works radiates the pleasure the artist experienced in creating it. But behind the mask of the amusement sometimes hide a great deal of sarcasm,bitter reality and narrative absurdity : I hold a mirror in front of the viewer’s face. Shapes are brought together like a sort of « pièce-montée ». By using the porcelain « figurines » I integrate elements that belong to the common people’s culture. My works are like a contemporary fairy-tale (Antoine de Saint-Exépury), balancing between naïvity, sacrality and mysticism, whereby the conceptual transcends the craftsmanship. 

                                           – Yves Malfliet