“In the past years Camille Truyffaut  (b. Namur, 1993) has been collecting different objects and papers, which caught her eye. She then works on these by meticulously and playfully unveiling them, layering them or exposing them to light. She draws our attention to the beauty of ordinary objects, by creating a dialogue between these collected objects used in her work and the final artwork.

Her organic shaped ceramics are often combined with etchings printed on textile. These installations create subtle colored reflections when exposed to light.

Her series of works on paper are composed of pieces of cardboard which have been intentionally or unintentionally discolored by the light or the passage of time. These materials embody memory and stories which can be seen through the variations in colors and traces left behind.”

(c) Atena Abrahimia


Exhibition data and photos ©copyright Camille Truyffaut