Wolstraat 24

The Wouter De Bruycker Fine Arts and Gallery – Wolstraat 24, Antwerp 2000 are anchored in the artistic area of Antwerp, only  300 meters from the historical centre and the Grote Markt.
Art is an essential part of our culture. For the artists itselves, especially emerging artists, it is very important to have professional art space available where they are provided with all the infrastructure to expose their artworks and learn about the world of art galleries.

Therefore, our goal is to support emerging artists in taking the next step in the art world.


Artists and designers are often met with a road of forking paths to reach the basic infrastructure in the art world to gain a big enough platform to publicise their artworks and access the audience looking to purchase them.

The Wouter De Bruycker Fine Arts and Gallery  has 25 years of experience in the world of art and with this background, it’s the right aim to support artists on their career journey.


To fulfill this quest, the Gallery sponsored the Royal Academy of Fine Arts final exhibition of the Bachelor students’ painting group show in  May 2021 and hosted the jewellery master student’s exhibition in the Wolstraat 26 in June.

To continue with this aim, we would like to ensure that emerging artists can find the right platform and support, as well as the necessary infrastructure, for their next art and design events, which should be unique, impactful, and generate a lot of buzz.


To ensure that our gallery space always presents high-quality artworks and designs, we only accept applications with portfolios.

In this way, we can make sure that the Wolstraat 24 is high-quality art space that enhance the artistic value of the hosted exhibitions. 

*After several successful exhibitions at Wolstraat 26, we’re excited to announce that starting from the end of 2023, we’ll be consolidating our concept exclusively at Wolstraat 24. This move allowing us to focus and enhance our artistic endeavors in a centralized space.

Our pricing list

Please contact us for more information.

Wolstraat 24
Address: Wolstraat 24, 2000 Antwerp


/ month

1000 EUR/ 2 weeks

ca. 40 (floor plan is attached)

+ ca. 15 m² storage room in the historical basement

+ ca. 5 m² kitchen & toilet space

Design exhibition spaces in the historical city centre

Lighting: directional spots

The shop windows can be decorated

Folding chairs and table can be provided by request

Insurance: *based on further calculation by request