01/04/2023 at 20:00

The program ‘’A song for the spring’’ is an ode to spring. With texts by some of the finest poets of the 19th century, like Heine, Rueckert, Moerike,Uhland Koltsov, de Lisle, Moore, Barnes, Polemis, Colette etc., each song is dedicated to a flower or to spring and connects images of the nature with human experience and emotion.

Anthia Papadopoulou and Anna Alvizou, have carefully selected the songs presented in the program to welcome spring.



F.Schubert: Fruehlingsglaube, D.686b

R.Schumann: Die Blume der Ergebung, op.62, n.12

R.Schumann: Aus den oestlichen Rosen, op.25, n.5

R.Schumann: Die Lotosblume, op.25, n.7

H.Wolf: Der gaertner

R.Strauss: Maedchenblumen, op.22

1.  Kornblumen 2.  Mohnblumen 3.  Epheu (Efeu) 4.  Wasserrose 

V.Williams: In the spring

C.Ives: Two little flowers

B.Britten: The last rose of summer

M.Ravel: Toi, le coeur de la rose

C.Debussy: Fleur de bles

G.Faure: Les roses d’Ispahan , op.39, n,4

S.Rachmaninoff: You are like a flower, op.8, n.2

R.Korsakov: The nightingale and the rose, op.2 n.2

S.Samaras: Anoixi

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Wouter De Bruycker Fine Arts & Gallery – ‘The Annex’   , Lange Koepoortstraat 64, 2000 Antwerp