06/05/2023 at 20:00

Benvenuta string quartet

Jean-Michel Alexandre, violin

Elisabeth Deletaille, violin

Sigried Keunen, viola

Bruno Ispiola, cello


Raoul De Smet: Dertien Glimpen (Thirteen Glimpses)

Danielle Baas: Au Printemps

Maurice Ravel: Sonate voor viool en violoncelle

Raoul De Smet: string quartet nr 4 “Geweven, gevlochten, geknoopt”  (“Woven, braidedm knotted”)

Along with Maurice Ravel’s masterful sonata, this program includes world premieres by two Belgian composers. Danielle Baas and Raoul De Smet are two well-established Belgian composers who have already established a career with chamber music performances in Belgium and abroad, including France, Italy, the United States, Canada, Romania, and even the Venice Biennale.

This concert event will be an interesting introduction to classical and contemporary music composers in a unique setting.