“Hailed as a feminist heroine for her witty take on a situation familiar to many women.”

-Telegraph Stella Magazine

“SUZANNE HEINTZ’s (B. 1965 Yonkers, New York) work, described as equal parts photography and theater, makes her an unusual Artist. Though trained in Writing, Communication, Painting, Design as well as Photography, the chosen mediums for her personal work are Photography, and Video. Her professional experience as an Art Director for Television has a strong influence on how she works artistically. It taught her that to make an impact, it’s essential to connect with your audience. Since her work is intended for everyone, not exclusively the art educated, she uses mediums that have the most universal appeal. Taboo to most in the art world, humor is her third and most important medium. At the risk of being perceived as a form of “Artertainment,” Heintz employs satire because she feels that it is crucial to the digestion of what might be perceived as a bitter pill – social criticism.

Growing up in New York was more influential than any of her education. Not only was she surrounded by a multitude of cultural influences, but she also was around larger-than-life Characters, in which the Projection of Self was the name of the game. Having been raised in the Mormon Church also made a lasting impression. It provided her first experience in the idealization of family, and the glorification of the role of women as Mother and Homemaker. If you connect these dots, an image of her work can be seen.

These influences have come together in shaping the focus of her subject matter. The external pressures of culture, and the internal pressures we place on ourselves to fit into the expectations of that culture, built up over time, until she decided to do something about it. In order to confront it, she felt she had to satirize the idea of Conformity to a universally accepted script for success, marriage and children, and the outward projection of the image of Perfection. This has been a primary focus of her work for nearly 20 years. Previously, her subject matter dealt with related issues on being human, and struggle with self.”